eCoach Learning Service: Physical Therapy

CGFNS eCoach Learning Service assists internationally educated health professionals by providing the resources necessary to help meet the requirements as specified in the assessment tool. eCoach Learning Service is provided under the CGFNS University. Applicants in the Program develop, in consultation with a coach, a detailed plan outlining the courses they may take to remediate the educational deficiencies identified on their Coursework Tool Evaluation and Summary Statement. Coursework Tools include the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) Coursework Tool for Foreign-Educated Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants (CWT) and the CGFNS Education Comparability Tool (ECT).


The eCoach Learning Service: Physical Therapy Program includes:

  • Individual consultation with a physical therapist who serves as a coach.
  • A review of general education and professional education deficiencies identified in the CWT or ECT.
  • Recommendations on how to make-up the deficiencies
    • Institutions and examinations that can be used to make-up general education deficiencies
    • Institutions and examinations that can be used to make-up professional education deficiencies
  • Pre-approval of proposed courses or examinations that, when completed, will be accepted by CGFNS International or ICD when applying for re-evaluation under the same Coursework Tool for licensure or immigration purposes.
  • A strategy for completing the identified coursework in a timely manner.

Who needs eCoach?

Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants with deficiencies in meeting licensure or immigration requirements in the United States who need assistance identifying schools and programs to make up those deficiencies.

Role of the Physical Therapy Coaches

Coaches are experienced and licensed physical therapists in the United States who have knowledge of national and international physical therapy education and have been educated on the use of the Coursework Tools (CWT or ECT).

  • The coach will review the applicant’s CWT or ECT and work with the applicant to create a plan that will include recommended courses, schools, programs or examinations (such as CLEP) that the applicant can complete to make up CWT or ECT deficiencies.
  • The coach will have the ability to review and approve courses or programs identified by the applicant and supported by course descriptions and/or a syllabus.

Communication with Your Coach

  • All communication between applicant and coach is through email.
  • You are limited to three (3) emails to your coach per week.
  • Applicants who send an excessive amount of emails per week (more than 5), will be reminded about exceeding the email limit and advised that they may be dropped from the program.
  • Applicants who persist with excessive emails will be dropped from the program without a refund.